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A Rumor of War

Biography | Drama | War

The memories of a US private in Vietnam who slowly gets disillusioned as the war progresses.
A Ship Is Born

Documentary | Short | War

This Vitaphone 'Technicolor Special' (production number 8001) portrays the behind-the-scenes story of the building and manning, during World War Two, of the USA supply line to Victory ...
A Soldier's Tale

Drama | Romance | War

A British soldier falls in love with a French woman wanted by the resistance for crimes against her country.
A Southern Yankee

Comedy | History | War

Aubrey Filmore (Red Skelton) is a bumbling bellboy in a Missouri town who pesters the Union officers there; he desperately wants to be a spy for the North in the American Civil War. When Filmore accid...
A Summer Without Boys

Drama | Romance | War

A middle-aged woman going through a divorce takes her daughter to a summer lodge, where she finds herself competing with her daughter for the lodge's handyman.
A Time of Destiny

Drama | War

Josie elopes with Jack against her father's wishes. Her father follows her to the hotel where they are staying and forces Josie to go with him. Jack in turn follows resulting in an accident that leave...
A Time Out of War

Drama | Short | War

Two Union soldiers maintaining a position on a riverbank negotiate a one-hour truce with the Confederate soldier manning the opposite bank. During the hour, they gain respect for one another as they t...
A Time to Love and a Time to Die

Drama | Romance | War

On the Russian front in 1944 German Private Ernst Graeber receives a leave and visits his family in Germany but Germany isn't the same country he left behind.
A Town Like Alice

Drama | Romance | War

In 1941, The advancing Japanese army captures a lot of British territory very quickly. The men are sent off to labor camps, but they have no plan on what to do with the women and children of the Briti...
A Trooper of Troop K

Drama | Short | War

A black U.S. Army cavalry unit in the early 1900s mounts an expedition against the forces of a renegade Mexican general along the Texas-Mexico border, leading to a full-scale battle.