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Bang the Drum Slowly

Drama | Sport

Henry Wiggen (Author to his friends) and Bruce Pearson are members of the New York Mammoths major league baseball team - Author the star pitcher, Bruce the catcher who never quite lived up to his pote...
Barcelona '92: 16 Days of Glory

Documentary | Sport

Baseball: An Analysis of Motion

Documentary | Sport

A documentary featuring slow-motion photography of baseball players in action, analyzing the basic movement of player and ball through the course of a game.
Bataashi kingyo

Romance | Sport

Kaoru, a highschool boy, falls in love with a girl, Sonoko, a leading member of his high-school's swimming club. Though he cannot swim at all, he joins the swimming club to win her heart.
Bay City Blues

Drama | Sport

Short-lived ensemble drama which follows a minor league baseball team as they travel from town to town.
Beauty and the Bull

Action | Short | Sport

While working in Mexico, model Bette Ford---yes, that one---and her girl friends attend a bull fight. They also visit a matador's ranch, where Ford braves the charges of a week-old bull...uh...calf. T...
Bermuda Cockleshells

Short | Sport

A documentary look at the boats sailed by youth at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club -- the Bermuda-fitted dinghy, 15 feet long, narrow, with a ten-foot bow sprint. The mast is 40-feet high, so there's up ...
Best of the Best

Action | Drama | Sport

Team USA gets rid of personal ghosts while fighting Team Korea in Taekwondo championship. "Adversity overcome" formula with excellent fighting scenes.
Beyond the Edge

Documentary | Sport

Push your limits and go Beyond the Edge with professional skiers and riders like Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, Yolanda Plank, Scott Brooksbank, Dick Bass, Glen Wortel, and plenty of others. Follow along as W...
Bienvenido, Mister Krif

Comedy | Sport