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A Princess of Bagdad

Drama | Fantasy

A caliph imprisons the cobbler's son his daughter has fallen in love with, but the cobbler's discovery of a treasure cave may be the key to freeing his son.
A Smoky Mountain Christmas

Fantasy | Music

A country/western singer on a trip through the Tennessee mountains runs into a reclusive backwoodsman--and a witch.
A Song of Love

Fantasy | Romance | Short

Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a most unusual kind of communication.
A Thief in the Night

Drama | Fantasy | Horror

The story of Patty, a young woman caught up in living for the present with little concern for the future. She meets and marries a young man and her life seems great, until one moment she awakens to fi...
A Thousand and One Nights

Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy

On the run after being found sweet-talking the Sultan's daughter, Aladdin comes upon a lamp which, when rubbed, summons up Babs the genie. He uses it to return as a visiting prince asking for the prin...
A Trip to Mars

Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

A group of the researchers from the Earth in a spaceship traveling to Mars, where, to big surprise, finds a peaceful vegetarian and pacifist civilization.
A Trip to Serendipity

Drama | Fantasy

A Trip to the Moon

Comedy | Fantasy | Short

"In the opening of this film is seen the astronomer intently poring over his books. Suddenly, in a cloud of smoke, Satan appears and surprises the astronomer. At the command of the Fairy Queen, who su...
A Trip to the Moon

Adventure | Fantasy | Short

A group of men travel to the moon by being shot in a capsule from a giant cannon. They are captured by moon-men, escape, and return to the earth.
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Drama | Fantasy

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