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Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man

Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi

Two bumbling private eyes help a man wrongly accused of murder who has become invisible to help clear his name.
Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu

Comedy | Sci-Fi

Abenteuer mit Blasius

Family | Sci-Fi

Ten-year-old Frantisek is traveling to Leipzig to visit his German friend Egon. On the train, he shares the compartment with three men. One of them, the bearded, hefty Blasius is polite but...
Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe

Action | Sci-Fi

An alien "policeman" arrives on Earth to apprehend a renegade of his own race who impregnates a woman with a potentially destructive mutant embryo.

Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

A research scientist discovers that his project is being secretly adapted for use by the military. When he objects, his co-workers start to die in mysterious accidents.
Acción mutante

Comedy | Sci-Fi

In a future world ruled by good-looking people, a terrorist group of mutants led by Ramon Yarritu kidnap the daughter of Orujo, a rich businessman, to claim for the rights of the ugly ...
Action Scenes


A look at ten kick-ass sci-fi/fantasy action scenes that made audiences stand up and cheer, or that blazed the trails that others followed.
AD Police Files 3: The Man Who Bites His Tongue

Animation | Sci-Fi | Short

Billy was an ordinary AD cop, but he was massively and mortally wounded in the line of duty. In an experimental project, he is made a total conversion cyborg, a cyborg with more than 90% of his body a...

Animation | Sci-Fi | Short

In a futuristic time, far from Earth, a man lands on a planet inhabited by an old woman he calls "witch." On a mission by the government, Yuukei is there to find evidence of foul play, but finds out m...
Adam Adamant Lives!

Adventure | Sci-Fi

Edwardian adventurer Adam Adamant is frozen alive in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis The Face in 1902 ; in 1966 workmen discover him and he is revived, perfectly preserved... but completely bewilde...
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